May 9, 2022 | Job Guide 360

Your job is most likely toxic if you dread going to it every day. Maybe you're thinking about quitting and never going back there again. That's understandable if you've experienced foul play in your work environment. However, you should consider a few things before you put in your resignation:

Can the Situation Change?

It's always wise to try to rectify a situation before you give up on it. Perhaps you can meet with the managers and HR team about what's going on in the workplace. They might offer you a solution that can end the strife, such as transferring departments or locations. Maybe a quick conversation with the person causing trouble will end his or her efforts. You'll never know unless you try to fix it first.

Are You Financially Stable?

You also have to consider your financial standing and whether you need the job immensely. You can quit today and not think twice about it if you don't. But if you need the money, you may want to wait until you receive another job offer. Let the workplace dysfunction motivate you to send your resume to more companies and take as many interviews as possible.

Will It Look Bad on Your Resume?

You also have to consider how your resignation will look to potential employers and how to explain it. They will likely ask you what happened if you mention the toxic job's name on your CV. You will need an acceptable reason for your departure.

The worst thing to do is complain about is the former employer to the prospective employer. Ignoring it isn't a good idea either. You would be better off using professional etiquette to express yourself. For example, you could mention that you left because of "conflicting values." It's 100 percent true, and it doesn't trash the former employer. Instead, it lets the prospective employer know you desire to work at an establishment that shares your values.

Think about those three factors before you put in your resignation. Don't stay in a place that drains your energy or crushes your self-esteem. Life is too short for that, and you want to enjoy it.

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