May 21, 2018 | Job Guide 360

If you are a fresh graduate who is stepping out into the job market to start a job search, you need to keep in mind that securing a job is no longer an easy task. You need to decide what you want beforehand and lay out a plan in advance. You need to start paying attention to the career advice that you hear to increase your chances of landing a job within the shortest period. Here are the top three ways to make job hunting easier for you.

Tailor Your Resume to Your Desired Job

The only thing that will stand between you and your dream job is your resume. You need to come up with good resume that will sell your skill and worth. Keep it up-to-date and avoid using a generic resume for every job application. Close any information gaps between you and your desired job that could leave your potential employer guessing. Get creative and showcase your talents and bring out your soft skills.

Network Using Social Media and Friends

You have updated your resume, and you are ready to step out and go on your job hunting mission. However, you need to remember the fact that your resume doesn't give you enough room to list everything that you want. No need to worry since there are other ways to talk about yourself. Fill out your LinkedIn page and also use the other social media sites such as Facebook to network with your friends and other people who can offer you an opportunity. You should also take advantage of your personal website if you have one. Let your friends know that you are on a job hunting mission since most jobs come through referral.

Figure Out Your Competitive Advantage

Think about that one thing that makes you special. Why should the hiring manager consider you and not the rest? What is that one thing that will set you apart from the rest? You have to know your strengths, or else no one will notice them. Once you figure out your competitive advantage, focus on it in your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Final Thoughts

Although finding a job might not be easy, these tips will take you from being an overwhelmed fresh graduate to a composed and confident candidate. Above all things, remember to keep a positive mindset and never give up.

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