June 17, 2016 | Job Guide 360

A college degree is an important asset that many people must have to break into certain fields. However, the world still offers an abundance of jobs for people who do not have college degrees. You can look into one of these three job opportunities if you are a member of the degree-less crowd:

Healthcare Support Persons

Hospitals and medical practices are opening up tons of new blue-collar job positions in the health industry. Medical transcriptionists, coders, orderlies and records technicians can get hired for work without a college degree. Furthermore, their salary is nothing to sneeze at. They earn about $13 an hour to start. Healthcare support jobs fit people who like helping other people.

Big Truck Drivers

Delivery companies are constantly searching for people to drive their gigantic trucks and deliver their goods. Any person in any corner of the world can find a trucking company that is desperately searching for drivers. A tractor trailer driver needs the appropriate licensing, but that person does not need a college degree. Truck drivers earn more than $18 an hour, and some of them receive a sign-on bonus, as well. Truck driving can be an exciting career for people who love to take long drives and explore the world.


Merchandisers are those people who visit various stores and set up holiday displays and other displays. Companies do not require them to have college degrees, but they do have to have a good sense of spatial visual organization and understand the plan-o-gram. Merchandiser displayers can earn a starting rate of $13 an hour, which is high as compared to the average starting rate for non-degree jobs. Merchandisers have a love for visual organization and a knack for building things.

Don’t be discouraged if you do not have a degree. Competition is stiff, but you can still find something.

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