August 19, 2019 | Job Guide 360

Does a resume really matter? The easy answer to this question is yes and no. Frustrating, right? Seriously the resume does matter but probably not in the ways you have always been taught.

What is the Purpose of the Resume?

The purpose of the resume is to get just enough attention pulled your way so that a hiring manger calls you in for an interview. So, if your purpose is to get the hiring manager to call you in for an interview, the real question is what is the best way to get a particular hiring manager at a particular company to call you in. This will require specific research on the specific company you are looking into. Some companies may prefer to simply review your LinkedIn page or a personal website if you have one. Then again, if a particular company does specifically want a resume, then by all means follow all the tried and true resume writing rules and submit.

Every Company Is Different

The easiest way to get ignored by hiring managers is to assume that everyone is the same. Different companies are looking for different things. When you customize your information to their needs, you will stand out. Standing out is what gets that attention pulled your way which will hopefully translate into an interview. Instead of spending weeks on perfecting a resume, better to spend more time researching a handful of companies and then creating a customized approach for each. This might sound really time consuming, but in the end your odds of getting an interview are better.

What About Traditional Resumes?

Traditional resumes are still a great way to get your thoughts organized. Many companies still like traditional resumes as well, so having a great one on hand is always a good idea. But you should think of the traditional resume as more of a tool to get you started rather than the end all goal.

Resumes are definitely an important part of your job search approach, but you should research each company. Customize your approach for each company in order to have a better chance at standing out in the crowd.

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