December 9, 2020 | Job Guide 360

Job settings are supposed to be harmonious and enjoyable. However, sometimes coworkers become overly competitive when it isn't called for. It may come from a sense of insecurity, or your coworkers might be threatened by you. They may feel that they have to compete with you constantly. The constant competitive nature of your coworkers might cause you stress. You can cope with the stress using these three strategies.

Humble Down

Humility is a virtue, and you can use this opportunity to be humble around your coworkers. You might think that you need to shine to prove to them that you're "good enough." On the contrary, they might feel like you're shining too much. It won't hurt you to a little humble and ask for their help every now and again. Humbling down will make your coworkers feel less threatened by you. They'll know that you're not there to take their jobs but to do the job with them and get along with everyone.

Be Helpful to Your Coworkers

Also, you can help your coworkers if it appears that they need assistance. That doesn't mean that you should try to tell them how to do their jobs. It means you can offer to assist them if you see that they're becoming swamped with work or something along those lines. Your helpfulness might open them open enough so that they'll stop focusing on outdoing you. It's worth a try.

Offer to Work in Teams

Offering to work in teams is a great way to diffuse some of the competitiveness at the job. You can suggest that you work with a few of your peers instead of having an "every man for himself" mindset in daily operations. Your superiors might be willing to agree with that idea if it benefits the business in some way. You can try it and see how well it works for you.

There's nothing wrong with a little competition among coworkers, but too much can be overwhelming. Use the few helpful strategies we've mentioned to help get you through hard times if you're having them with your workmates.

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