January 18, 2018 | Job Guide 360

Conduct Numerous Research on Job Opportunities and Companies

Whereas social media has all kinds of information, it’s your duty to filter constructive and important information. Research about the companies you are targeting: their culture, corporate values, and their hiring, recruiting, and networking processes. Identify connections such as alumni groups and go through job review posts.

Create a Robust Profile on Social Media Platforms

Ensure that all your profiles on social media platforms are complete and robust. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, your potential employer might just view your profile and make a decision. Can you imagine losing the opportunity to get your dream job due to lack of useful information on your profile? Take time to provide your major accomplishments, education, skills, experiences, or any other essential information you would include in your resume.

Create a Wide Network Connection

Once you complete your profile, begin connecting with colleagues, friends, and alumni. Enlarge the group every day and don’t just dwell on your address book. When the social media recommends a certain person or company to you, consider reviewing their profile and noting the type of connection you have with them.

Concentrate on Business-Oriented Social Media Platforms

Seeking a job opportunity on platforms that are not business-oriented is a waste of time. Professional networking pages such as LinkedIn have groups whose members have interests matching yours. These groups can open amazing opportunities if you utilize them effectively. You can request the members to introduce you to their contacts.

Though Facebook and Twitter are mostly used socially, they can also be effective in job searching. Follow your targeted companies and people, share their posts, like their pages, and even comment to drive attention. Beware of your activities on these platforms – keep your image presentable. Finally, become a frequent visitor to those pages to stay informed.

Keep trying and your future employer might just locate you someday. Maintain your professionalism on social media as it builds your reputation.

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