June 9, 2021 | Job Guide 360

Video game playing is one of the world's favorite pastimes. What's especially awesome about it is that it can turn into a well-paying job. You may want to try to land a job playing video games if you have a passion for doing so. These are some tips for getting a job in that realm.

Learn About Video Game Testing Jobs

You probably want to be a video game tester if you want to earn a living playing video games. Video game testers have amazing jobs because they get to play the latest games before the software companies release them. The main purpose of playing the games is to ensure that they don't have glitches and bugs. Video game testers often have to write reports and analyses, as well. Therefore, such people need a more extensive skill set than the ability to play video games. However, the salaries can be amazing for people who qualify. Video game testers can earn up to $53,000 a year or more with the right company.

Get the Education You Need

Many companies do not require their applicants to have specific degrees or educational courses. The competition is stiff in this field, however. To be hired as a video game tester, you'll need to offer a bit more than the average applicant. It won't hurt to get yourself a degree in computer programming, game design, quality assurance, or something similar. It might put you further ahead in the hiring process.

Polish Up Your Resume

You'll need to polish up your resume once you obtain the necessary qualifications. Be sure to put your educational background and certification on your resume. Mention any relevant job positions you may have had, such as a position at a video game store.

Look for Awesome Positions

Search various sites for open video game testing positions. You might be surprised to find that many positions are available. The problem lies in the competitiveness of the field, not the lack of positions. You can still overcome that if you stay diligent.

Now you know how to go about playing video games for a lucrative amount of money. You can start seeking opportunities to do so right away.

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