November 27, 2017 | Job Guide 360

When looking for a new job, if you focus on the skills you have and the ones you most like to use, rather than the field where you want to work, the process can be more pleasant and the results a better fit for you and your new employer. You may also discover work in areas you never considered before.

Let's say you enjoy organizing and planning. While jobs as an office manager or event planner would be ones that come to mind immediately, a search for positions which use this skill could lead you to the field of construction. As a Site Superintendent, you will need your skills to plan, manage and coordinate the budget of a project while making regular decisions on the progress and process of the work. You could also consider work in the nonprofit sector as a Community Operations Manager whose responsibilities might include planning outreach programs to the organization's audience.

What if you hate being bored and want to learn something new on a regular basis? Then work in Information Technology might be the first place you check but you could also look to jobs in law enforcement, both as a first responder or as someone who supports them. Similarly, working for a small company rather than a bigger one will offer you the opportunity to be responsible for a wider variety of daily activities.

You can also look to the things you enjoy doing outside of work for ideas of where to go next. Love going to the gym? Considering finding out how to become a personal trainer or even go into sales for your health club. If movies are how you like to spend your time, then you might want to search to see if any of the local cable companies are hiring.

When looking for your next job - look to what you love to do and are good at and start your search there. The results will be a much better and likely more lasting fit.

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