April 17, 2018 | Job Guide 360
  1. Weigh the risks behind using a temp. agency to find you work.

Know a few things when considering the services of a staffing agency --- or "temp. agency", as many also call them. First, they'll find you work in any field immediately. Second, however, they'll take a small fee out of your final paycheck, for using their services. Third, they'll offer training and testing, even resume coaching, if you need more personal guidance and direction with your job search. For some people, these agencies have worked wonders; for others, they could have found jobs on their own --- try and see if one of these is suitable for you.

  1. Consider your past job experiences, both good and bad --- and everything in between.

Do you have past moments on the record in which you completely "wowed" your employers, past co-workers, or even clients and customers --- in a positive way, of course? Jot these all down and brainstorm for a bit. Ask yourself the settings and circumstances behind these special golden moments and what made you succeed then. Do the same with any mistakes or "learning experiences" of the past. Consider all these moving forward.

  1. Know the type of industry you'd like to potentially move up in, if "long-term job employment satisfaction" is your goal.

If you seek to do one thing for the rest of your life, something that you know you will absolutely love above all else --- a calling and purpose, this divine God-given talent and drive, as many call it --- what would that be for you? What kind of service, that you can legally provide, will make people's lives better while making you a happier person as a result? Find this kind of career calling, and you'll never work another day in your life. It will come naturally to you.

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