July 17, 2018 | Job Guide 360

The job market is highly competitive. You’ll find hundreds of applicants applying for the same position at any given time. This significantly reduces the possibility of any of the individual candidates securing the vacant position. As an applicant, you need to make sure that your resume stands out from the others to have a real shot for consideration.

But, how do you set your resume apart from the other 200-300 applicants for your dream job? According to statistics, the most common characteristic of a resume that differentiates the applicant that gets the job — from the one that doesn’t — is quantifiable numbers attached to corresponding accomplishments. Here are ways of quantifying resume accomplishments and make yourself stand out.

Quantifying Resume Accomplishments with Amounts

Avoid stating your accomplishments in plural terms as it doesn’t tell the prospective employer the size or impact of what you have done. The devil is in the details. For instance, instead of just saying that you trained new employees, say that you trained 20 new production employees over a period of six months resulting in a 30% increase in employee retention rate in the same period.

Quantifying Resume Accomplishments with Money

Money is the end-all and be-all for most organizations, and using dollar amounts to quantify your accomplishments, be it internships, community organizations, extra-curricular activities, or full/part-time jobs, is good for your application. For instance, if you developed and oversaw a promotional campaign that brought in $100,000 worth of new customer contracts, put that in your resume.

Quantifying Resume Accomplishments with Time

You need to show that you have a proven history of managing time well or creating time and saving time. You can quantify your resume accomplishments with time to highlight what you are bringing to the table. For instance, you can say that you created and implemented better customer service policies which cut time spent handling customer complaints by 15 hours/week.

Specific amounts, time, and money will help you quantify everything in your resume. Use your resume accomplishments to show how you can save, manage, or earn money will set you apart from other candidates. Also, all prospective employers are about staying efficient and saving time, so they are looking for employees who can do that. Quantifying accomplishments can significantly increase your chances of getting the job.

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