April 12, 2022 | Job Guide 360

As the popularity and the availability of gig work grows, many people are starting to seriously consider this career path change. Even employees who have been die-hard corporate participants are starting to see the benefits that gig work offers. Let's evaluate the security vs. flexibility of the options.


A regular job with set hours and pay offers a certain amount of security for individuals. However, with that security, there also comes some tradeoffs. This type of job will require a commitment to a tight schedule that rarely fluctuates. This can be difficult for people who have young children, or other obligations which require their presence during a regular workweek.

Many people who opt for a "regular" job also find it difficult to establish the healthy work/life balance that they want.


The lure of gig work is that it provides a huge amount of flexibility. Gig works essentially allows you to be your own boss and create your own hours. You have the option to take on a greater amount of work when you need to or to cut down on work when you like.

This gives you the ability to focus more time on your family, other ambitions, hobbies, or side work. Gig jobs are a great way to create an income stream. Income streams are often considered the better way to earn money because they allow you to focus on many goals at once. Many millionaires cite income streaming and gig work as the way they are able to achieve their goals.

Which For You?

The only way to decide which type of employment is best for you is to sit down and closely evaluate your particular goals. You need to have a clear understanding of your priorities as well. What is most important to you? The important thing to remember is that you do have the power to create the type of career you want, whether it is through traditional employment or gig work.

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