April 21, 2020 | Job Guide 360

For some people, working from home leads to fears that you will be overlooked when the time for promotions comes around. Fears that being out of the spotlight when performing outstanding accomplishments are understandable. Out of sight does not have to be out of mind, however. These are things you can do to build your reputation around the office even while working out of the office.

Create a Reputation for Reliability

You want people on your team as well as management to know that you’re the person to go to when they need something done right, on time, and without drama. You want to be the one everyone knows can pitch hit when the chips are down. It means going the extra mile and putting in more than your fair share of the midnight oil, but it can solidify your reputation with everyone in the office, giving you a real edge when the time for promotions and reviews come around.

Stay Connected and Communicate Well

It may be difficult to stay connected with the office crowd when you’re working from home. But it also creates opportunities to find new ways to connect. Thanks to web conferencing, email, Facetime, push-to-talk communications, and more, staying connected is much easier than stopping by the office water cooler to have conversations. Use technology to boost your communication efforts and to stay connected with people at the office.

Create Boundaries

While you want to be known as reliable and dependable, you also need to have a life. No one wants to live to work. Be honest and open about your availability and establish office hours that work for your office and your needs at home.

People work at home for a variety of reasons. Whether your decision to bring your work home was born of necessity or preference, making your presence felt in the office – even while you’re away is vital for your future within your industry. You may even discover that in the absence of office politics and a longer commute, you’re able to get more accomplished in less time by telecommuting.

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