March 9, 2021 | Job Guide 360

Sometimes in life, we have to leave a job that isn't bad. In fact, the job may be one of the best we've ever had. However, something such as a much better pay rate or closer location may cause us to have to resign to take another opportunity. These are some tips for resigning the proper way so that you don't burn bridges on the way out the door. You may have a chance to go back to that employer one day if you do it the right way.

Give the Appropriate Notice

Giving the proper two weeks of notice can't be stressed enough in this situation. Although the gesture isn't signed into law, it is considered proper business etiquette. Therefore, you should notify your employer of your intent to depart at least two weeks before your last day. That will give them a chance to find another worker to replace you.

Provide a Reason for Leaving

Some employers hold exit interviews when they hear that one of their workers will be leaving. If that's the case, you should ensure that you attend your exit interview to give the employer an idea of why you're leaving. One of your bosses may question you about why you're leaving without an official exit interview, as well. Ensure that you let that person know your reason, as they might try to resolve the issue to keep you on board. For example, they may offer you additional compensation if the only reason you're leaving is for financial reasons.

Introduce the Idea of Returning

Finally, you should let your employer know that you are on board with the idea of returning to the job one day. They won't know if you don't tell them. Openly discussing the matter will keep your name fresh in their minds so that you'll be the first on the list if an opportunity arises.

You should be able to leave a positive impression on your employer if you use some of the tips mentioned above. You'll be glad you left the door open to return if you leave on such a positive note.

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