February 8, 2021 | Job Guide 360

Some jobs are meant for a lifetime, and some are meant only for a season. Sometimes, people start a job believing that they'll stay forever and then outgrow them over time. Outgrowing a job isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, you may have to move on from it. These are some signs that you may have outgrown your current position...

You Feel Stuck

You may be growing out of your position if you feel as though you can't advance. The feeling of being stuck might be falling upon you, and you may not be sure what to do. That feeling can arise when you've advanced mentally to the next level, but something is holding you back from growing. You may want to consider moving on if you can't find a way to move up at your job.

You're Not Being Challenged

You might be growing out of your position if you don't feel as though your employers are challenging you enough. Maybe you want to learn new skills, but no one is offering you the opportunity. Perhaps, you've asked if you could work in other departments, or maybe you even applied for a higher position so that you could feel a sense of having extra responsibilities. If this is the case, you might need to seek your growth elsewhere.

There's a Lot of Bad Blood

Finally, you may have grown out of your position if you feel bad blood between yourself and other coworkers. You may also have grown out of your position if you feel that management doesn't respect you or see you as a valuable employee.

It may be time to move on if you're experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms. There may be something else out there that can take care of you better financially or help you to develop your skills. Essentially, life is too short to be unhappy. You should take some time out to think about what you want to do with the rest of your life. Make sure that you turn in the proper resignation if you decide to move on so that you can get a positive reference from the employer.

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