August 9, 2021 | Job Guide 360

Modern employers are notorious for not letting their employees know if they're doing well in their positions. Don't take it personally if your boss or supervisor doesn't address you with compliments about your performance. These are some ways you can tell if you are performing well:

You Get Consumer Compliments

One way you can tell that you're doing a fantastic job is by the consumers going out of their way to compliment you. Customers often leave comment cards when they have a stellar experience. In some cases, they go directly to the boss to tell him or her how wonderful an employee's performance is. You can rest assured that you're doing a great job if you receive positive words from the consumers who make your employer's business thrive.

Your Bosses Ask You to Stay

Usually, employers have special requests for workers who are doing the most amazing job for the team. Thus, you can conclude that your work is amazing if your bosses constantly ask you to stay after your shift. You can assume that you're doing well if your employer always seems to make you the go-to person when someone calls out as well. That means they recognize you, and they feel confident that you can take care of their customers like they need you to. They think you're dependable, too.

You Get Nods of Acknowledgment

Sometimes, bosses use body language rather than words. Pay attention if your boss never says you're doing a good job. He or she might show you with a nod of acknowledgment. The nod might have a little smile attached to it as well. That means the boss sees you, recognizes you, and knows you are an elite performer. Keep up the good work.

Keep Shining in Your Job

Use the information above to draw your own conclusions about how well you're doing at your job. The chances are very high that you're doing well if your bosses haven't called you into the office for a special talk. However, you should put your best foot forward at all times just to be sure.

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