July 6, 2022 | Job Guide 360

Have you ever gotten feedback from an employer that you did not interview well? Maybe you know your interviewing skills aren't A-1. These are some things you can do to compensate for it while you practice and try to improve:

Let your personality shine

You can use your glowing personality to counter the nervousness or discomfort you feel during an interview. Smile as much as you can and ensure that your body language is inviting and not closed off. Avoid crossing your arms, looking the other way, or looking down during the session.

Think of it as a conversation and not an interrogation

You're not the only one who finds interviews stressful, and that's because many people see them as interrogations or judgment sessions. Try to change the way you think about the meeting. You're one business person talking to another about how you can help them meet their goals. That's all. Also, remember that your interviewer is a human being just like you. He or she is not your superior or authority figure yet, so there's no reason for you to feel that way.

Tell stories like you're speaking to a friend

The best way to answer STAR-format questions is to pretend that you're telling an exciting story to a friend. Visualize yourself in that situation, and don't think about how the interviewer will judge you. You might find that your answers come out much smoother when you shift your mindset.

Bring some show-and-tell items

Consider taking some items with you to break up the conversation part. For example, you might want to bring sales reports, accolades, or presentations that can explain how you perform. It may or may not deter the interviewer from using the STAR format, but it's worth a try.

Be honest about your nervousness

Lastly, you can choose to admit the awkwardness and explain that you always perform well in your roles, but interviewing is not your forte. It's up to you whether to be brutally honest about that. Your interviewer might just surprise you by being understanding and offering you a position anyway.

These days, many jobs have a probationary period anyway. That means they can terminate the relationship if you're not a good fit. Therefore, they might opt to take a chance on you.

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