August 13, 2018 | Job Guide 360

There is little question that the work ethic of past generations was very different than it is today. Our society of entitlement has done much to erode a healthy sense of responsibility and hard work. Here are a few things your grandfather could have taught you about searching for a job.

Any Job is Better Than No Job

Although there is some merit to the idea of holding out for a position which is becoming of your education and qualifications, there is also much merit in the idea of earning any money is better than earning no money at all. It can prove necessary at times during a job search, to take a job that might be considered beneath your qualifications, just to ensure that you are bringing in some income. This will go a long way to protecting your financial security during your time of unemployment.

Don't Expect Too Much Too Quick

Entry level has become a dirty word among younger generations, who believe that because they have earned their degree they should have immediate access to the best positions. Working your way up the ladder is an important part of any career. Not only does this time provide you with invaluable training which you did not receive in college, but it also gives those higher up the opportunity to form an opinion about you based on day to day work habits, not simply based on your major in college.

Go The Extra Mile

One of the most obnoxious phrases that a manager or supervisor will ever hear sounds something like this, "Well, that's no my job." If you are hoping to build a reputation for yourself as a dependable employee that deserves a better position some day, then adopt the philosophy that if you see it needs to be done, it is your job.

Be Teachable

If you are looking to land a job with great opportunities to move up later on, always present yourself as teachable. A teachable, humble attitude will make up for a lot.

Your grandparents understood the importance of working hard and earning your spot. It is no wonder they were considered the greatest generation. Use these tips to help you get ahead in your own generation.

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